PowerwoRx e3 Surge Protection

The PowerwoRx e3 increases the efficiency of electrical use in the home and lowers wasted power consumption. It also serves as an important surge protector, keeping your equipment safe in the event of a power surge.

The PowerwoRx e3 saves money and eliminate wasted electrical consumption through Power Factor Optimization.

Many of the appliances in your home utilize some kind of motor (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, air conditioning units, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners and furnace blowers, to name a few.) These appliances are designed to operate most efficiently when operating at full capacity. They pull more energy than they use when not operating at full capacity, wasting the difference. If you’re like most Americans, your home is only operating at a Power Factor of 77. That means you’re wasting 23% of the electricity being delivered to your home, just because your motorized appliances are working at less than capacity.

How does the PowerwoRx e3 work?

The PowerwoRx e3 gets the power within the home to operate “in phase” with one another, increasing your home’s power factor-to .97 or .98 in most cases. This creates a more effective use of the electricity coming in, and lowers power waste. You will see the increased electrical efficiency in a lower energy bill.

The PowerwoRx e3 also operates as an efficient surge protector.

Power surges, also known as voltage spikes, can cause damage to almost every electronic device or appliance in your home or business. The PowerwoRx e3 diverts surges trying to enter your home, as well as those generated inside your home. This keeps damage to a minimum, prolonging the operating life of your appliances and electronic devices. The PowerwoRx e3 uses industrial quality MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) which act as a sort of “pressure relief valve;’ diverting the surge to the neutral/ground lines. In the event of a massive surge (like those produced by lightning strikes), the unit sacrifices itself in order to protect the facility. Even though the unit was doing its job, Continental Power Corporation will replace the unit throughout the 10 year warranty period.

What if the PowerwoRx e3 fails?

If PowerwoRx e3 fails to protect your equipment from a massive surge like those generated by lightning, our insurer will pay to replace damaged equipment and appliances up to $25,000 ($2,500 per item).

The PowerwoRx e3 also helps with harmonic noise reduction.

The PowerwoRx e3 filters out harmful harmonic noise and the trash of high frequency currents from the electrical environment. This, in turn, reduces the potential leakage of these waves into the human environment and reduces noise created in non-linear loads such as energy efficient lighting including compact flourescents (CFLs). TVs, computers, variable frequency drives, and more. As the PowerwoRx e3 helps reduce the electric noise and trash current in your home, it protects the switching power supplies, and helps prevent premature failure of your appliances and electronic devices.
For nearly one hundred years, utility companies and big industry have been using this technology. Only recently, however, has the cost of electricity been high enough for the common homeowner to benefit, and for the technology to be utilized on a smaller scale.

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